Tiimiüritused ja seiklused värskes õhus

Zing and Sparks

Spend an active day with your team in the fresh air! A hike on foot takes you away from the city noise, survival training provides practical skills and a hearty meal on the campfire site gives strength.

The package allows you to

  • Organise an event with ease
  • Spend an active day in nature
  • Enjoy a tasty meal outdoors
  • Create memories together

A package is a set of services, the price of which is cheaper than buying the same services individually.

Package contains

On the hike on foot you will learn to notice the surroundings with the help of the guide. Wilderness survival gives self-confidence to cope independently in nature and strengthens teamwork. After the hike and training, enjoy a hiker’s meal on the campfire site and share your impressions.

Combine or adjust

If you want to replace some part of the package with another service or add an extra to the package, please contact us.

Choose a location

You can choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations. The selection includes both RMK hiking trails and lesser-known routes. The trails are of varying difficulty.

The locations of this package are hiking trails and campfire sites in Northern Estonia. If you would like to order a similar package on other hiking trails across Estonia, please contact us. Here are some ideas for locations for organising a team event:

  • Pärlioja hiking trail in Lahemaa NP
  • Tsitre Tree trail in Lahemaa NP
  • Hiking trails of North-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve

If you didn’t find a suitable route for yourself in this selection, let us know and together we will organise the best adventure for you!

Price for the package close to Tallinn starts from 92€ per participant (VAT is added to the price). We organize the package for a minimum of 10 participants or a smaller group for a minimum fee (from 920€ + VAT).

For tours in locations proposed by you or trips of longer duration, we will make an individual price offer.

Price includes:

Hikes on foot and survival workshops are offered all year round.

Additional information

  • The minimum number of participants for this package is 10 people
  • A participant must be aware of his personal capabilities and health condition
  • We can adjust the level of difficulty and duration of the hike according to your wishes
  • Dress according to the weather forecast and your own comfort level
  • Layered clothing should be preferred so that you could remove or add layers as required.
  • Survival workshop takes place on a campfire site and thus additional warm layers are recommended (in winter: coat, plaid, warm trousers) to stay warm while standing or sitting
  • Choose footwear according to weather forecast. Generally, the best outdoor footwear is hiking boots
  • Bring a bottle of water and, if desired, an energy-rich snack
  • We also offer a drink and snacks
  • A soup with a sweet bite is offered after the hike
  • We welcome children from age 10 who are capable of moving in a tempo similar to the rest of the group
  • Children attending the workshop must be accompanied by a parent or another adult
  • Spending time in the wilderness with your pet is a lot of fun but please discuss it first with the guide
  • Please specify special needs when making the inquiry and confirm them with the guide before the event
The package offers
Easy event arrangement
Spending an active day together
Enjoying a meal in open air
Memorable moments
Choose location
Choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations
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