Tiimiüritused ja seiklused värskes õhus

Hiking series

Hiking series cultivates a sense of team and community spirit through regularly shared experiences. Nature provides an excellent environment for strengthening relationships with co-workers, business partners and clients.

Hiking series allow you to:

  • Step out of your daily routine regularly
  • Get acquainted with Estonian nature
  • Create shared memories
  • Nurture team and community spirit
  • Strengthen relationships in the team or with partners

The hiking series is a platform for communication. It brings people out of their everyday routines into nature to be in the moment, strengthen relationships, and create shared memories. Often, the hiking series consists of different types of hikes, and the activities take participants to exciting locations in Estonia. The length of the hiking series is determined by its goals. We recommend starting with at least three hikes. A good rhythm for the whole year can be achieved by hiking monthly.


During the hiking series, you can experience various types of hikes:

  • Themed hikes
  • Bogshoeing
  • Canoe trips on rivers
  • Stand-up paddleboarding tours on lakes
  • Kayaking trips on rivers and bays
  • E-fatbike tours

Choose a location

For hiking series, a suitable location is chosen for each hike.

Here are some examples of beautiful hiking areas in Estonia:

  • Forests and coastline of Lahemaa National Park
  • Forests and bogs of Northern Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve
  • Hilly landscape of Karula National Park

We have hiking trails across Estonia, and local hiking guides in Mulgimaa, island of Saaremaa and Karula NP.

For the hiking series, we will prepare an individual price quote. Contact us for more information!

  • Project management
  • Guided hikes
  • Hiking equipment
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Outdoor catering
  • Workshops and training

The season for water activities is from May to October; bogshoeing is organised all-year-round, except from April 23 to June 23 when birds are nesting; wild edible plants hike and workshop is organised only in spring.

Additional information

  • There is no minimum number of participants for the hiking series but if you alone or with a friend want to join regular hikes, come to our planned hikes.
  • A participant must be aware of his personal capabilities and health condition
  • We can adjust the level of difficulty and duration of the hikes according to your wishes
  • Before each hike, participants will receive information with recommendations for clothing and footwear
  • For hiking series, we can offer various catering options
  • Detailed preferences can be discussed with the project manager
  • We welcome children who are capable of completing the hiking trail in a tempo similar to the rest of the group
  • If you want to bring along a child, please specify the level of difficulty of the hike with the tour guide
  • Children attending the hikes must be accompanied by a parent or another adult
  • Spending time in the wilderness with your pet is a lot of fun but please discuss it first with the tour guide
  • Please specify special needs when making the inquiry and confirm them with the guide before the hike
Refreshing experience
Improve well-being in nature
Strengthen the team spirit
Create contacts with customers
Come with same or different team every time
Choose location
Choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations

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