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Bushcraft workshop

Come and enjoy crafting together. In the workshop you will carve your own wooden spoons that are usable!

Bushcraft workshop allows you to:

  • Step out of the routine with your team and recharge your batteries
  • Acquire new skills
  • Put yourselves to test manually
  • Strengthen your team spirit

Bushcraft training provides basic knowledge of working with an axe, knife and saw, choosing wood and wood crafting techniques.


Various activities can be combined with bushcraft:

Choose a location

You can choose a RMK campfire site for the workshop or suggest another suitable location.

The following locations are suitable for bushcraft close to Tallinn:

  • RMK Kalmeoja campfire site
  • RMK Nõmmeveski campfire site
  • RMK Tsitre campsite
  • RMK Järvi Pärnjärve campsite
  • RMK Juminda campsite
  • RMK Paukjärve campsite
  • RMK Kalajärve campfire site

If you didn’t find a suitable location in the above selection, let us know and together we will organise an awesome event for you!

Price for bushcraft workshop starting from 45€ per participant (VAT is added to the price). We organize the workshop for a minimum of 10 participants or a smaller group for a minimum fee (from 450€ + VAT).

For locations proposed by you or of longer duration, we will make an individual price offer.

  • workshop for crafting a wooden spoon lasting 2-3 hours
  • briefing by an experienced instructor
  • necessary tools and materials
  • herbal tea and snacks

The workshop can be organised throughout the year. In winter, the workshop takes place indoors.

Additional information

  • The minimum number of participants in the workshop is 10 people
  • A participant must be aware of his/her personal capabilities and health condition
  • Dress according to the weather forecast and your own comfort level
  • Layered clothing should be preferred so that you could remove or add layers as required. There is less active movement in a workshop than a hike, so make sure to dress warmly enough
  • Choose footwear according to weather forecast. Generally, the best outdoor footwear is hiking boots
  • Bring a bottle of water and, if desired, an energy-rich snack
  • We also offer a drink and snacks during the workshop
  • This workshop is not suitable for children or school groups
  • With a group consisting mainly of adults, we welcome youngsters who are able to participate in the workshop at a similar pace with the rest of the group
  • Wood crafting tools can be dangerous if used improperly, and minors must therefore be accompanied by a parent or another adult
  • Spending time in the wilderness with your pet is a lot of fun but please discuss it first with the instructor
  • Please specify special needs when making the inquiry and confirm them with the instructor before the workshop
Refreshing experience
Step out of the routine
Recharge your batteries
Acquire new skills
Challenge yourselves
Strengthen your team spirit
Combine with other activities
Teamwork training
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Wilderness survival workshop
Hiker's meal
Pop-up Forest Restaurant
Choose location
Choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations
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