Tiimiüritused ja seiklused värskes õhus

Bogshoe hike

On a bogshoe hike, you will discover the pristine nature of Estonia, enjoy fresh and clean air and tone your body. Bogshoes help to take you to places you can’t reach with hiking boots or rubber boots alone.

Bogshoe hike allows you to:

  • Step out of the routine with your team and recharge your batteries
  • Create memories together
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Strengthen your team spirit


Various activities can be combined with a bogshoe hike:

Choose a location

You can choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations. The trails are of varying difficulty.

Gain new experiences by adventuring on hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty across Estonia. Here are some ideas for locations:

  • Viru Bog
  • Kõnnu Bog
  • Kakerdaja Bog
  • Aabla Bog
  • Bogs of North-Kõrvemaa
  • Rubina Bog

If you didn’t find a suitable route for yourself in this selection, let us know and together we will organise the best adventure for you!

Price for a bogshoe hike starts from 39€ per participant (VAT is added to the price). We organize the hike for a minimum of 10 participants or a smaller group for a minimum fee (from 390€ + VAT).

For locations proposed by you or of longer duration, we will make an individual price offer.

If you want to come on a hike with a group which is smaller than 10 people, we invite you to join our planned hikes. More information.

  • bogshoe hike lasting for 2,5-3 hours
  • guide telling stories about nature and folklore
  • equipment: bogshoes, gaiters, hiking poles
  • herbal tea and snacks

Bogshoe hikes are offered all year round, except from April 23 to June 23 when birds are nesting on bogs.

Additional information

  • The minimum number of participants on the bogshoe hike is 10 people
  • Do you want to come on a hike alone or as a couple? Join our planned hikes
  • A participant must be aware of his/her personal capabilities and health condition
  • We can adjust the level of difficulty and duration of the hike according to your wishes
  • Our bogshoes are suitable for footwear sizes between 36-50 and their carrying capacity is 50-120 kg
  • Dress according to the weather forecast and your own comfort level
  • Layered clothing should be preferred so that you could remove or add layers as required
  • We recommend wearing high-cut hiking boots or rain boots (without heels)
  • Bring a water bottle and, if desired, an energy-rich snack
  • We also offer a drink and snacks during the hike
  • We welcome children from the age of 13 who are capable of completing the hiking trail in a tempo similar to the rest of the group
  • If you want to bring along a child, please specify the level of difficulty of the hike with the tour guide
  • Children attending the hikes must be accompanied by a parent or another adult
  • Spending time in the wilderness with your pet is a lot of fun but bogshoe hikes are not safe for pets
  • Please specify special needs when making the inquiry and confirm them with the guide before the hike
Refreshing experience
Step out of the routine
Recharge your batteries
Gain new knowledge
Create memories together
Strengthen your team spirit
Combine with other activities
Teamwork training
Outdoors mobile games
Wilderness survival workshop
Hiker's meal
Pop-up Forest Restaurant
Choose location
Choose the region that suits you the best or ask for our recommendations
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